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Clairvoyant Medium and
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Cathy Roller
Psychic Connection 

   From the beginning of time, some people have been born with the gift that is known as the second sight, the third eye, or the sixth-sense powers that bypass usual sensory channels of the mind and transcend mundane reality into the psychic visions and messages.

   I am one of those gifted people. I am clairvoyant, which means I have the ability to see objects and events beyond the range of physical vision. I was born with this gift, and for a time only used it with family and friends, until a series of events convinced me that this was my calling in life. I have helped many people through my spiritual work. I've hosted a live call-in psychic television show for the past 15 years and have also done radio talk shows and other television functions throughout the country. I have had much success through my T.V. experience and I've had the opportunity to read the stars. 

   I am a natural medium, which means I can channel and communicate with the dead. In the past I have worked with police departments on murders cases and found missing children. I have also worked on paranormal investigations and have done many investigations on hauntings.
 I have taught many successful workshops throughout the country that have helped people to become aware of their sixth sense and learn to focus their mind, body, and soul. I am Cathy Roller, psychic, medium, and friend.

My service is $100 per phone reading.


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